Total Grounds Management, Inc.


Commercial  Construction Landscape Projects

  • Municipal

    Ardmore Elementary School

    Lions Park Renovation Ph I & Ph II

    Issaquah Elem School #15

    Tacoma Amtrak

    Riverview Elem School

    Sprinker Parking lot Ph I & Ph II

    Tyee Middle School Ph I & Ph II

    The Summit at Bay Vista

    Finn Hill Jr High

    Reliable Place

    Baker Middle School

    Milton Way Improvements

    Clover Creek Elementary School

    CPTC Health Sciences Bldg

    Centennial Middle School

    Community Resource Center of Everett

    Briarwood Elementary School

    Green River Homes of Auburn

    Cherry Crest Elem School

    Tacoma Municiple Complex

    Hudtloff Middle School

    Miller Hill Rd Infrastructure

    View Ridge Elementary School

    Sammamish High School

    Greenwood Elementary School

    Enatai Elementary

    Clarkmoor Elementary School

    Tillicum Middle School

    Evergreen Forest Elementary

    Tumwater Middle School

    Renton Middle School


  • Federal
    FY09 SOF Battalion Ops Ctr

    41st Division Drive

    Chemical Battalion Complex

    Waterfront Operational -Bangor

    BCT Complex

    Demolition of Warehouses-Bangor

    FY10 SOF Company Ops HQ

    Lewis North Dual Food

    FY11 Stryker Ave COF

    Aviation Unit Complex RSU

    FY11 Preventative Medical Facility

    Lewis North Troop Store w. Subway

    Ranger Memorial JBLM

    Ft Stevens Cemetery

    Community Resource Center

    Military Working Dog Kennel

    FY12 Miller Hill Roads

    WWTP JB Lewis McChord

    FY12 ASOS

    FY15 JOC Repair/Replace Softball

    FY12 Chem. Battalion COF

    FY15 NICoE Satellite

    JBLM Multi Range Projects

    FY11 Regional Log Support TEMF

    Army Reserve Center

    FY13 SOF Battalion Ops

    FY13 Ops / Readiness

    FY11 LNAC Irrigation System

    FY12 Lewis North Athletic Complex

    FY14 AUC JBLM Fire Station

    Chemical Battalion Med BNHQ


    Mohler Community Center BTC

    FY14 Aviation Unit Complex BNHQ

    ORTC Transient Barracks

    JBLM BCT Complex - Phase 3A UEPH

    Madigan Access Improvements

    Repair Parking Lots at Waller Hall

    FY11 Stryker Ave COF

    ORTC Transient Barracks

    FY13 Access Corridor, Phs I

    41st Division Drive
    FY08 COE Medical Dental Clinic

  • Private

    Reliable Place

    Pinehurst Safeway

    Phoenix Rising

    Snoqualmie Safeway

    New Auburn Center

    Snoqualmie Ridge Plaza

    Bio-life Plasma Center

    Wood Springs Suites Everette/Redmond/Tukwila

    Group Health

    Fairfield Inn and & Suites

    Bell Hill Entry

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites

    Mercedes Benz Bellevue

    Seattle Recovery

    Wal-Mart Lacy Neighborhood Market

    Pete Von Reichbauer Way S Sidewalk

    Red Wind Casino


    Mission Healthcare @ Renton